Singapore Photo Diary

Just got back from a short trip to Singapore.  It’s been five years since my last visit which is also the first time in my life.  Things have been changed so much during these years and its like a new experience to be here again.


wpid-2015-07-19-08.15.23-1.jpg.jpegUniversal Studio is a must for me.  Minions Mart is a new thing to me and from the end of May Minions meet you inside uss every day.  You probably can tell that Im a mimions lover from my instagram

wpid-2015-07-19-07.26.35-1.jpg.jpegwpid-2015-07-19-08.10.43-1.jpg.jpegwpid-2015-07-19-07.11.59-3.jpg.jpeg Some typical tourist poses haha.  Didn’t visit the Merlion last time and also Marine Bay Sands was not even finished.  It is kinda special to have the chance to see its before and after.
wpid-2015-07-19-07.11.10-1.jpg.jpegwpid-2015-07-19-07.33.27-1.jpg.jpegwpid-2015-07-19-07.31.06-1.jpg.jpegGarden By the Bay is surely the new main attraction in town. It is beautiful both in day and night time.  You can see the light show every night at 745pm and 845pm.  Tips: its free if you only go to the supertrees and I think its already good enough if you have low budget/not much time/little interest in seeing plants.

wpid-2015-07-13-07.08.44-1.jpg.jpegwpid-2015-07-13-05.14.32-1.jpg.jpegi miss the food there from their traditional breakfast (kaya toast+2 boiled eggs+kopi or teh) to Hainan chicken with rice.

Kopi = coffee

Teh = milk tea

They may be too sweet to some people but I have sweet teeth so I love them.



wpid-2015-07-19-11.25.15-1.jpg.jpegwpid-2015-07-13-05.12.23-1.jpg.jpegwhat I miss the most!! Chilli crab and black pepper crab you can find only in Singapore. And the super yummy 炸饅頭

wpid-2015-07-13-03.17.58-2.jpg.jpegwpid-2015-07-13-08.48.00-1.jpg.jpegthe best laksa in Singapore
wpid-2015-07-19-08.17.10-1.jpg.jpegwpid-2015-07-19-08.12.49-1.jpg.jpegwpid-2015-07-09-09.46.52-1.jpg.jpegwpid-2015-07-19-07.35.02-2.jpg.jpegwpid-2015-07-19-08.13.53-1.jpg.jpeginfinite refill XDwpid-2015-07-13-01.57.01-1.jpg.jpegthe best iced lemon earl grey tea I ever had.  this one found in 鼎泰豐 and their taro 小籠包 always have my heart.wpid-2015-07-19-08.09.12-1.jpg.jpegxx



Food Recommendation 食店推存:

結霜橋叻沙 Sungei Road Laksa

Block 27 (Top 33 Kopitiam) #01-100 Jalan Berseh

business hours: 0930-1730 (closed on every wednesday)

逸群海南雞飯 Yet Con Restaurant (Hainan chicken)

25, Purvis Street, Marina Bay, Singapore

business hours: 1100-2130

Seafood Paradise

No Signboard Seafood


東亞茶室 (kaya toast)

35 Keong Saik Road, Singapore

(這是原址, 筆者2015年7月到訪時已轉手, 但只要你來到這裡, 東亞原名仍保留, 找到以後再繼續靠右前行就會見到新址)

Travel Tips:

提示: 在牛車水裡有很多華人經営的旅行社, 在這裡可以買到各個觀光點的門卷 如環球影城, 動物園, 濱海灣花園等等…價錢比較優惠而且省去到現場的排隊時間.


You can get some special offers from travel agents locate in Chinatown for different attractions like Universal Studio Singapore, Garden by the Bay, etc.  I got my tickets for USS and Night Safari at Skyline Travel, saved some money and also you don’t have to wait in line for tickets when you arrive the attractions.

Skyline Travel Singapore


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