Simple Love

I still remember how I was addicted to some special and outstanding designs or colors when I did shopping but as time goes by, I found so many clothes or items in my closet those I might not wear again.  Now I tend to buy more basic, simple but long lasting items to do mix and match.  I think it saves money and also it is fun!!  But sometimes you just cant resist some seasonal popular items.  For example, a pair of lace up for this season :)

以前我可能會買很多花佻的單品, 就是喜歡突出和特別.

但現在人大了, 不止花錢會更小心, 而且存放的空間也不夠了, 所以更傾向收集簡單, 耐看的衣物, 可以玩玩配搭, 而且也能穿很久很久呢! 不過有些流行款還是要擁有的, 像現在大熱的lace up, 這雙鞋跟不太高, 可穿度很高呢


H&M Top

American Apparel denim skirt

Topshop lace up heels

Monki bag



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