As a big movie fan, I always dream about being different characters from my favorite movies.  Memoir of a Geisha is definitely one of them.   Last month when I met up with my friend in Osaka we brought up the Maiko experience topic again which we talked about once like three years ago.  And so…we decided very last minute to do this together in Kyoto and tried our best to find an available studio. It was soooo hard because most of them were already fully booked but finally we made it!!  Here are some photos I wanna share with you guys and hope you find the information useful if you are planning to have your own Maiko Experience in Kyoto. :)



you just need to sit tight and let the staff put make up for you.

after make up you can choose the kimono you like.
Last time in Kyoto I tried the kimono experience and I had a light blue kimono. This time I came close to choose the same color again XD but of course I tried something different. I didnt want to look too old cause the maiko/geisha wig can make you look 10 years older!! So I picked light violet color which is more soft and sweet. (maybe sometimes it looks pink in some pictures)

2015-12-12-04.21.46-1.jpg.jpeg the last step is the wig.  my hair was all back and tied up with a hair net.  Then a wig was put on my head and I had a maiko hair in just 5 seconds!!!

Even this way is more convenient and fast but I know some other shops they put a half wig on you and showing part of your real hair in the front.  I think it looks more natural but the bad thing is you need to wash your hair at the shop afterwards.


When your maiko look is done you can have photo shoot in the studio. You can even take a walk on Kyoto streets which makes you feel even more like a real maiko as an option.


The plan I bought includes three studio photos and I added optional 50 minutes walk.  I think it would be more fun to act like a maiko san in Kyoto.  The staff went out with us and took good care of us that made me feel like a real maiko!!  When we walked on the street we were surrounded by so many tourists asking for photos haha.  Really felt like a celebrity.  To look more like a real maiko san we only spoke Japanese on the street lol NO chinese NO english.


something a real maiko doesnt do on the street – taking selfie!!!! lolmmexport1448438337515.jpg

Maikozaka 舞妓坂

這次在京都作了一次舞妓體驗。 為什麼是舞妓而不是較為人熟悉的藝妓呢? 原來這裡大部著物變身店提供都是以舞妓為主的, 原因是舞妓剛出道技藝未精, 要以可愛花俏為主。而藝妓則是琴棋書畫都已經很擅長了, 能秀內涵打扮就偏向簡單成熟一點。所以呢, 一般客人都是會選舞妓裝扮來作體驗的,出來的扮相比較亮麗。

我跟朋友是在體驗前一晚才怱忙決定的,找到這間店叫舞妓坂, 地點就在往清水寺的茶碗坂, 非常好找。 店員都很好人, 我選的計劃是一小時變身, 包三張攝影棚拍的相片。我另加購了50分鐘散策, 我覺得既然要扮就要扮得似,不在京都的街頭走走哪有那感覺。

第一次塗白臉真的很好玩, 那些化妝都沒有很難卸, 職員都會很貼心的教我們卸的次序, 連配戴隱形眼鏡的客人都照顧到。我選的散策有一個職員跟我們一起外出, 令我感覺真有像舞妓去上班或者明星出巡。 因為走到哪都有人望, 有人拍, 有人要求合照..還需要勞動到職員跟群眾說”對不起要走了…要趕時間…最後一張…” 哈~~



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