I didnt plan at all when I travelled to Amsterdam.  Just decided what to do and where to go on the day or the night before.  When I came back I found out I had missed a lot of the tourists’ spots or so but I dont feel pity (well a bit) because I know I will find a way back to Amsterdam…since I love it so much.

Here is the story of my last day there.

I went to Van Gogh Museum AGAIN.  Because the day before when I arrived it was too busy and too many people waiting to get in.  So I decided to go to Albert Cuypmarket instead and come back again earlier on the next day.

Later at night I found out the same thing happened to my three roommates at the hostel. So we just decided to go together to the museum!! And the day before we didnt even really talk or know each other yet!  Thats why I love staying at a hostel.


Before we started to get to the museum they brought me to a cafe to enjoy some sun and…weed XD image image image




I was wearing: Topshop denim jacket, Nike Roshe One flyknit, Longchamp bag.


After saying goodbye to my friends I walked around and found out it was the day of the month that had museum market!!  Another lovely surprise without any planning :)




Had two Holland’s fries in a day….just because the first one was too good and I couldnt help buying another one from this No.1 voted store..but…sometimes its better not to follow the travel guide or adviser. Best served with mayonnaise.


Topshop denim jacket / Monki turtleneck / forever 21 jeans

The last surprise was my new roommate who is from Taiwan.  When I returned hostel I tended to stay and sleep early because I had an early flight to catch.  Then we ended up exploring the red light district at night, had a nice dinner and a space cake!  A nice end of my trip.  See you again soon Ams, so much love. xxx


I will be sending out postcards from Van Gogh Museum for the very first time!  If you want one simply:

1. follow my instagram @sweetjessc

2. Send me a direct message on instagram including your mailing address.  

And the first 3 readers will get my postcards!!





4 replies to “A DAY IN AMSTERDAM

  1. If you liked the Van Gogh museum I would suggest the impressionists in Moscow. Amazing museum with tons of Van Gogh and more. Looks like you had a great trip though!


  2. I want to go to Amsterdam so bad! I’m hoping I will this year, I’ve heard so much good stuff about it and the country looks so beautiful.


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