Barcelona travel diary and guide 

Barcelona had been on my check list for many years and I finally got a discounted ticket to fly there last month during Easter holiday.  Actually it’s not a perfect time for tourists because Spanish people  appreciate their time with families and friends during public holidays and Sundays (maybe most European do?) so many shops and restaurants were closed during Easter.  Luckily I spent quite many days there so I still got enough time to chill out and enjoy the pace of the city.


As a solo traveler I always choose hostels.   I stayed in Generator Barcelona this time which is a chain brand and they have hostels in many cities all over Europe.  It’s well located in a quiet neighbourhood but also not too far from city centre or metro station.  A walk to La Pedrera is about 7 minute, so you have a concept that it’s pretty much walkable to many attractions and the main shopping area.

Visit & See

Gaudí, Gaudí and Gaudí.  There are so many attractions in Barcelona but architectures by Antoni Gaudí almost equals to a “must see” when you are there.  I went to La Sagrada Familia, Casa Milà, (aka La Pedrera) and Park Güell.  They are all amazing places showing the incredible ideas and outstanding designs of Gaudí.  Next time if I go to Barcelona again I will visit Casa Batlló as well.  I got my entrance tickets for Park Güell  and Sagrada Familia online because they are so popular and even tickets were sold out when I arrived Park Güell.  I usually don’t like to have a schedule when I travel but to save time and money I really suggest you to book your tickets online in advance.

Parc de la ciutadella, a nice park just to stay around and do nothing.  Watching local people doing different activities is an interesting thing to do when I travel.

The beach in Barcelona was not as beautiful as the ones I went in Calpe but it’s still nice to chill with friends or family when you are there. Be aware of a lot of people and it’s a bit crowded and touristic.
I like to go to different art museums when I travel and I had a really good time at Fundació Joan Miró.


There are many vintage shops in El Raval area but most of them were closed the day I went because of holidays :(


Les Quinze nits: had a really good time with a new friend I made on this trip at this nice restaurant located in Plaza Real.  Solo travel is difficult sometimes when it comes to delicious cuisine or going to restaurant.  So happy to have someone to share tapas, paella and sangria with at a reasonable price.  I really recommend to get a table outdoor to enjoy the atmosphere with beautiful weather and people busking at the plaza.

Bar Celta: another super nice meal full of laughter with my friend.  This time we only had tapas in the evening just like the locals.   Can’t get enough of giant octopus !!! Yummy ~

Granja M Viader: I just wanna try all of the items on their menu!!!! The first time I went there it was closed due to Easter holiday and then the second time I went it was already my last morning in the city.  Had a very sweet breakfast and I came closed to go again at night time to have dessert.  It is an old cafe with over 100 years history famous for milk products.  I had milk with cinnamon , sugar and lemon which sounds weird but it was really delicious.  Thinking about it just make me wanna go back.  Also, their churro is the best I’ve had in Spain.

La Pradera Restaurant : didn’t get to eat there this time but it looked extremely nice and beautiful.  Saving it for the next visit :)

Hope you enjoy the photos and my sharing even though it’s not a professional travel guide :P and I will try to do another posts about Copenhagen and Budapest soon!




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