La Muralla Roja 

After I had booked my flight to Barcelona,  I saw some photos of La Muralla Roja on social media.  I knew it at once that I couldn’t miss this place on this trip in Spain.  So I changed my plan from visiting Andorra to Calpe.

I decided to take a walk along the sea from my hotel to la muralla roja even though the receptionist said that’s impossible and told me to take a taxi.  It was a pleasant walk about 30-40 minutes.  I enjoy walking and wandering around a new place when I travel.  What I see and encounter on the way make up the memories of my trips.

The moment I saw muralla roja I was so happy and excited.  It felt like a dream but so real.  I think most people who have seen pictures ofthis dreamy pantone building they all desire to go there.  (especially girls!?)  The colors changes so much depending on time, sunlight and position when you take photos.

This amazing building from Ricardo Bofill was the only reason I travelled to Calpe but then I also fell in love with this small city.  It has beautiful beaches and nice restaurants at a cheaper price than other touristic cities in Spain.  It’s so chill, just doing nothing but exploring the place on foot was already nice.  Miss it so much every time looking at the photos.  Next time I really wanna try to stay at one of the Airbnb apartment inside la muralla roja so that I can spend more time to feel this lovely building.   You can also sign up for Airbnb with my link for $25 off your first trip.


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