I couldn’t believe that when I decided to visit Stockholm last month for the very first time I got the chance to experience their midsummer festival.  I saw a lot of pictures about it years ago and have been dreaming about going there during midsummer time.  The beautiful flower crowns they put on everyone’s heads just made me fancy even more.  

On midsummer’s eve I was in Skansen open air museum to enjoy the holiday with the locals and other tourists.  Seeing the people setting up the Maypole, we danced under it and sang together!! Even tho I didn’t understand what the songs mean it was still fun!!  It was a special memory and experience :)

american apparel cardigan, hm dress, celine bag, nike sneakers, flower crown from topshop

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Quick post about my bday outfit when I was in Bangkok a few days ago.  It was the hottest birthday I had in my life.


Dress : Forever 21 Bag : Celine Sneakers : adidas






Im really bad at taking selfie that I either include my finger or take a blurry pic. Ear ring from H&M.



I finished my day at Asiatique riverfront night market.  On the way to the market I suddenly saw some strange light and the sky turned green, right after that a giant shooting star fell down!!! OMG how lucky I was to have a double chance to make a birthday wish but I didnt know it was a shooting star back then.  I thought it was just firework!!!  But it already made my day very special and made up for the H&M vip party I missed in Hong Kong because I couldnt amend my flight for this trip. :(