My Picks from Amanda Dress

Happy new year!!! Hope you guys had a lot of fun during this holiday season with lots of food and cheese and wine and parties and gathering with friends and families XD  Every year this time  I especially enjoy choosing party or formal dresses online with joy.  It’s so convenient and easy to get whatever I want.  Here are some of my picks on

 I’m obsessed on off shoulders dresses recently.  The colors and textures of the following two dresses are special and easily made me stand out at the parties.

And this Cheap white formal dresses Australia for me to go to some formal dinners.

I like it because it’s classical black and white but at the same time the wavy pattern makes it special and more chic as elegant is not really my style.  

Hope you like my sharing and if you have time you should check out the website and get you a special dress for the new year. 




Hi guys! I came across a pretty cool website the other day that I want to share with you – Hiphunters, a premium and luxury global fashion platform for discerning buyers that helps you find and shop the best fashion worldwide.  

 It covers products from more than 6,000 luxury brands.  We can buy directly from Hiphunters Marketplace for their selected partner brands’ exclusive service.  That’s such a convenient way to add fabulous pieces to your closet.  

I found a dress and a pair of shoes I love only after browsing their site for two minutes.  And my wish list just became longer and longer haha I wish I could afford all of them.


I’M YOUR SHIRT the queen dress 


DE SIENA Vivienne lace ballet flats
   BY SUN peacock green frilled sleeves dress 


MARIUSZ PRZYBYLSKI white marble t-shirt

LAUTEM temptation white handbag 

  Acne studios Kate denim pleated skirt   
Celine round-frame acetate sunglasses 

The other thing I love about Hiphunters is that they give you ideas about what is trending and sort the related items in one category. For example,  minimal bags and oversized coats which are my daily essentials in winter so that I can easily find the items I like from there.  Or you can get inspired with their editorial content.

I hope you like this article and enjoy a fantastic experience purchasing exceptional labels on Hiphunters!! :)


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