H&M Conscious Exclusive 2017

Last week I was invited to preview the 2017 Conscious Exclusive collection at Hong Kong H&M showroom.  This is a collection I eager to see every year.  It successfully carries out the soul of sustainability through beautiful and elegant outfits for special occasions.  This year, every piece from the collection is made from sustainable materials, including BIONIC®, which is a polyester made of plastic recycled from shoreline wastes.  To match with the theme, pictures of beaches and seashores were found at the showroom, with beautiful flowers and the fishnet bags made entirely from recycled shoreline waste.

This collection will be available at around 160 H&M stores worldwide as well as online hm.com from 20 April 2017.

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H&M Consious Exclusive Preview 

Lace, sequins, oil paintings…and Le Louvre inspired showroom brought me even more feelings of romance and art when I was at the H&M 2016 Conscious Exclusive preview. I think this year H&M has played a beautiful magic trick on sustainable fashion through its Conscious line. We saw a lot of artistic and elegant designs and found it quite difficult to imagine they are made out of recycled materials.

I enjoyed the preview as much as the organic snack corner :) but the last surprise was the activity co-organised by Redress presenting sustainable fashion designer Angus Tsui’s works – bracelet and denim pouch up-cycled from the past season and unwanted garments which brings the same mission as H&M, to reduce waste in the fashion industry.

Thank you Bonnie and the H&M team for having me again in Hong Kong.  Until next time sweeties!



 Hello people! Last week I was invited to visit the H&M showroom in Hong Kong to preview their studio ss16 collection. The theme is about journey as a way of life. The freedom of bohemian looks with prints and overlaps along with functionality of hiking gear and sportiness of the city girl. Always exploring, always glamorous. I like this idea a lot because am a travel addict and always looking for new adventures.  

You can see a lot of red, yellow, sunset orange, green and beige colors.


We saw outdoor clothing with a hood, comfortable jackets with practical details, silk t-shirt dresses with playful prints, bikini, leggings, and more.  



The items are elegant, stylish but always with a relaxed vibe. That is exactly what I need to fit in my backpack.
 My favourite is this green jacket. Can’t wait to take it with me back to Iceland!   


The Spring summer studio collection will be available in approximately 200 stores worldwide and on hm.com from 25 February 2016.

 Besides, H&M is also doing a Chinese New Year collection as the year of monkey is just around the corner. The pieces are joyful with festival elements like red colour, lucky knots and patterns of monkey which you can find in the stores in end of January. 


I had a great time there and really enjoy the new collections. Thanks for having me H&M and the thoughtful arrangement by their PR team :) Hope to see you again soon!

上星期出席了H&M studio 2016 系列的預覽,搶先看了春夏的男裝女裝。還有專為猴年設計的新年服飾。
我很喜歡今次studio系列的概念:不斷探索、充滿魅力。 單品散發著波希米亞風,印花圖案,隨心搭配的層次。H&M在新的一季帶來冒險的風格,隨性的,不羈的。不論走在城市街道上,或是探索人生的旅程,也能把功能性和女性化的特質融合。這些意念和設計都深得我心,因為認識我的朋友都知道,我正是一個愛冒險探索的人 :)